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Or reading them, either.
"Maturing is realizing how many things don’t require your comment."
"You will always wonder what your baby looked like."

Anti talking to a client as we walked to the clinic.  Thank goodness they didn’t speak english well.

No wonder people feel guilt and remorse.  Anti’s cause it.

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I always hear that from parents who ended up carrying their unwanted pregnancies to term….
"This child has ruined me financially, the ability to achieve my academic and career goals is nearly impossible now, and my life will forever revolve around this child I didn’t want in the first place. But at least I know what he/she looks like!"

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how do i get abs without doing anything


Words of Emotion
"And how hard is it to land even a minimum-wage job? This year, the Ivy League college admissions acceptance rate was 8.9%. Last year, when Walmart opened its first store in Washington, D.C., there were more than 23,000 applications for 600 jobs, which resulted in an acceptance rate of 2.6%, making the big box store about twice as selective as Harvard and five times as choosy as Cornell. Telling unemployed people to get off their couches (or out of the cars they live in or the shelters where they sleep) and get a job makes as much sense as telling them to go study at Harvard."